P David Hornik’s honourific to Zionism Zionism—What Is It? Why Is It Getting Trashed? demonstrates the usual Zionist attitude to history, bend it. In claiming Abraham to be ‘the first person identifiable as a Jew, then living in what is now Iraq’ he is guilty of two errors. It is anachronistic, to say the least, to identify Abraham as ‘a Jew’ when the term did not appear until over 1000 years after Abrahams death. It is a minor point that, although Abraham’s country of origin may have been modern day Iraq, God spoke to him in Haran, northern Syria. (I also wonder why the Genesis 12:1 quote uses the KJV?). To say the Zion ‘virtually is the Jewish DNA’, is then, ridiculous.

The figure for the Jewish population in 1914 is massively inflated. Rather than being 90,000 most estimates place it between 10 and 25,000.

It is typical Zionist propaganda that Britain is subtly identified as the rogue in preventing immigrants from Nazi Germany in 1939. No mention of the concerns of the Palestinians who had been offered independence by the same British government that had ‘favoured a homeland for Jews’. No mention either that the large majority of Jews seeking escape from Hitler’s Germany were denied help by the Zionist agency because they wanted to go to America, not Palestine.

It is also disingenuous to claim that ‘on the brink of war … millions of Jews in Europe needed to flee …’ According to the 1933 census there were about 500,000 Jews in Germany. The majority of Jews in Europe lived far to the East in Eastern Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary. Not even Germany’s Jews in 1939 expected a ‘Final Solution’ since that was not planned by Hitler until 1941*. To imply that the World, including Britain, knew what Hitler was going to do – invade and divide Poland, sign a treaty with USSR then break it, etc is to treat reality and history with contempt.

The paragraph on the partition resolution is also interesting for its assumptions. Was the partition vote ‘legal’ in terms of the UN Charter? No. Did Ben-Gurion actually accept the proposed partition? No, he waited for the Arabs to reject it which he knew they must do. No mention that the 33% Jewish population, mainly 1st or 2nd generation immigrants owning only 7% of the land were to be granted 55% of the land, (and the best). And to write of ‘invading Arab armies’ is to re-write history. This was land where the Arabs lived, it had been theirs for more than a millennium. It was the Zionists who were the invaders.

As to the present: Hornik quotes Michael Oren, except that, rather than being accurate Oren’s assessment is highly selective. Rather than being healthy and happy, Israel shares a male suicide rate with UK, somewhere mid table internationally, (and worse than e.g. Iraq or Kuwait). The economy only works because of massive aid/subsidy from USA. Contrary to Oren ‘Zionism has’ NOT ‘engendered a multiethnic, multiracial and religiously diverse society’. That society had existed in the region for hundreds of years. Christian communities grow despite Zionism which typically refuses right of return only to messianic Jews. It is, in fact, Zionism that has contributed to the Middle East being a ‘lethal’ environment through its militarism and refusal to negotiate sincerely.
* Hitler’s plan until 1941 had been to use Jews as forced labour, sequestrate their assets and force them ever Eastwards into the ‘Slav’ lands, whose occupants Hitler viewed with similar distaste! With Germany’s invasion of Russia and their failure to defeat the Soviet forces this was no longer possible.

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