Mr. Obama, head Honcho, I’m told, of some 2nd rate, semi-democracy, asks “what would you do if someone starts firing rockets at your people?” I was puzzled at first but then it clicked he wasn’t talking about Palestine, he was defending Israel. He seems to expect the answer ‘retaliate’, which seems to be the typical US approach although for a Christian it shouldn’t be the first thing we think of. Anyway, Mr.O, I may be stupid but my first reaction would be “what the hell…” and next I’d want to ask “WHY?” There may be people around who fire rockets at each other just for fun but there’s a place for psychopaths, secure hospital, (or Oxbridge!)
Why do messrs O,C H & A (respectively head honcho’s of US, UK, Canada & Australia, think Hamas fired rockets in the first place? For the fun of getting rocketed back by hardware so superior it doesn’t deserve to be in the same category! We keep getting told that the Hamas & Jihadi rockets are capable of causing damage. True, but it’s pretty easy to quantify the difference, just count the dead.
Where did this latest spat start (I am not indifferent to the hundreds of dead, far from it. I’m trying very hard to control the fury we Christians aren’t supposed to do)? Remember those three Israeli Yeshiva lads murdered near Hebron? In an area controlled by Israel? Israel’s response, in keeping with its status as a ‘western-style democracy’, was to wait for the police to mount a thorough investigation with consequent arrests, charges and court appearances.
I put that in italics; ‘cos that’s NOT what Israel did. For a start their search for the lads took in some unlikely places, places you can only reach from Hebron by passing through at least 2 Israeli checkpoints. And their ‘retaliation’ took in Gaza, 30 miles away and with access totally controlled by Israel. THAT Mr O, is why Hamas started firing rockets.
Here’s a question for Mr Obama, and Mr Cameron and the other Israeli unthinking lackeys, Why don’t you ask the Palestinians Why? or are you scared of the answer? Because it would go something like this, “You stole our land, you uprooted our olive trees, you forced me into a refugee camp, you deny me freedom of travel, freedom of education, you treat me like I’m an animal. I know I’m going to get hurt if I hit back, but at least I’ll know I’m alive. But you? you are dead, dead inside. And killing me may give you a quick thrill, watching safe on the hillside, protected by your iron dome, but that’s all. A brief thrill. No peace, no security, no love, just hate and a living death”.

Israel needs saving from itself, a judgement made by increasing numbers of Jews inside and outside Israel. If we in the West want to take the ethical high ground we’ve a moral swamp to struggle out of first.

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