So,  UK is building 2 new aircraft carriers costing £billions, and, won’t have any airplanes that can use them. Adaptations for the Joint fighter will cost another $1billion (+/-).

Here’s a thought:  build them, we need the jobs, but use them as Disaster & Rescue bases. They already have state of art medical facilities – double them. Fill the ‘weapons stacks’ with tents, blankets, shovels, etc. & equip with  half a dozen heavy lift ‘choppers’ & half a dozen search and rescue ‘copters.

Staff them from the British forces and challenge USA, France, Russia and China to match them. Fund them from the ‘Defence’ budget, UN coordinates their activity and station them at various points around the world. They can supplement local needs and  respond rapidly to emergencies and disasters.  What’s not to like?

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