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Civil society is under threat. Organisations within Israel which speak out against the oppression experienced by Palestinians both in Israel and in the OPT are being targetted by the State.

It is no surprise that institutions of the State don’t take kindly to criticism. Our leading politicians cannot afford to appear to be wrong, even when they clearly are. (I am, btw, of the view that we, the electorate, bear some responsibility for this. It is impossible it seems for someone to make an honest mistake). In Israel there is more at stake, or so their leaders would have us believe. The Jews are different, they are special, and they are especially persecuted. We can agree with all of that; substituting ‘have been’ for ‘are’ in the previous sentence: does that necessarily mean they have special rights, including absolution from ethical behaviour? That’s a very slippery path.

It is fascinating and little known, how much internal criticism there is of Israel’s policies and behaviour. check out i.e. http://www.shovrimshtika.org/index_e.asp
and http://www.btselem.org/English/index.asp also http://www.anotherisrael.org.uk/ In UK our civil liberties have been and are much under threat under the apologia of ‘Security’. The choice seems to be between having my liberties taken away by external forces or by internal ones. There is an alternative: that our liberties are protected when we seek the common good, the common-wealth of all who inhabit this ‘good-created’ world.




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