David Cameron has told its meeting in New York that the deaths of children in Syria is a stain on the United Nations.  And attaches the blame to Russia & China. Ahmadinajad has spoken at the UN assembly of the possibility of war in the Middle East if Iran believes itself to be under threat from the Zionist entity. Israel claims to be under threat from Iran, Syria claims the revolution is sponsored by outside agencies supported by the West, and USA spending on military just goes up and up.

So, lets see how things balance up: the fourth most powerful military in the world, a nuclear weapon power but not a signatory to the Nuclear Nonp-Proliferation Treaty, is supported by the top  military nation with enough nuclear weapons  to kill everybody on the planet.  Their object of fear is a nation of about 80 million  people with a large army but no nuclear weapons that just happens to be sitting on vast oil reserves. Takes us back to 1953-54 when UK still thought it was a major player. We helped get rid of the democratically elected government of Iran – because their Prime Minister wanted to use increased oil revenues (BP take a bow) for the benefit of his impoverished people.

Who is to blame? No-one and everyone. Where are the Christian prophets?  Our churches focus on evangelistic mission – and that’s OK, it’s what I do in my church, but have we lost sight of the gospel of peace.  When Ahmadinajad spoke the Americans & Israelis left the assembly. If we don’t listen to our enemies how can we befriend them and if we  don’t befriend them how can we learn to love them; and I seem to recall readiing something about that somewhere…



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