I’m puzzled, frequently!  We in the ‘moral West’ claim superiority for a model of democracy that is largely theoretical. I’m puzzled that we can make the claim and keep straight faces. And I’m puzzled that our ‘leaders’ are puzzled that other nations don’t take the claim seriously.

Which are the nations demanding that ‘terrorist’ organisations renounce terror and seek legitimacy at the ballot box? “You claim to be fighting for freedom and independence, so prove it by letting the people you claim to be fighting for, decide.” These are the same countries that denied democracy to Iran in 1953 by instigating a coup against the democratically elected, (but socialist) government that had the temerity to suggest that the people of Iran should benefit from the oil under their ground rather than BP, (AIOC). One of these countries has consistently plotted against governments in South and Central America. In a vote that contradicted both the spirit and letter of it’s barely ink-dry charter they voted to give the land of one people to another, immigrant, people, then in 2003 decided that the first people had elected the wrong people to govern them, (Palestine, if you’re wondering).

These governments have conspired and colluded, often by turning a blind eye, in the kidnapping, extra-legal detention, unlawful and immoral imprisonment, torture and murder of individuals deemed to be a ‘risk to our society’. The real risk to our society are the leaders of our nations who lack the moral fibre to hold to account those who carry out, and those who permit these deeds. Where are the lawyers of Nuremberg when we need them?

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