Good news from Daoud: the Israeli Civil Authorities (there’s another irony!) have acknowledged receipt of the appeal against the demolition orders.

Anyone with any knowledge of ToN & ‘Dahers Vineyard’ will realise that the action is settler sponsored spite.  The Nasser family crime is to be there.   Where they are is in the Occupied Territories, land designated for a future Palestinian State.  But if the land is occupied, and ‘owned’ by Jews they will need protecting from the Palestinians, won’t they?  Question:  who, in the meantime, is protecting the Palestinians from the Israelis?  Since the beginning of the First Intifada the ratio of deaths of  Palestinians to Jews is more than 4:1, & many have been children.

As bad is the policy of child detention ( see e.g.

Keep on praying (if you do) for Daoud & the family; and for a genuine ‘durable’ (thanks Will.) solution – which will be one that brings justice for Palestinians.  What was that about ‘justice delayed….’

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