The Third Commandment states,

You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone who misuses his name. (Ex.20)

It is surely ‘wrongful use’ to claim something as a miracle from God which is evidently not a miracle. Christian Zionists and organisations like Christians United for Israel claim that the events of 1948 and 1967 are clear demonstrations of God’s miraculous actions on behalf of Jews. Quite apart from the absence of Biblical evidence for the ‘return’ (required by their theological system), there is overwhelming evidence to show that neither victory of the Zionists was in any way a miracle.

Whilst the victories of the Zionist forces in 1947-9 and 1967 may not have been a foregone conclusion, neither were they victories against all odds. In the case of 1967 every intelligence agency believed that Israel would win a war in a week if attacked by the Arab nations. Given that Israel was not attacked but attacked Egypt without warning; that Syria was unable to engage because they’d culled their senior military staff and their tanks (Russian) were too big to get across the only bridge; and that Hussein (Jordan) fought a defensive battle only when attacked and waited 2 1/2 days before risking his air force against massive Israeli air superiority, the real question is:why did it take Israel so long!

As to 1947-9, the Zionists had been planning for military action since early 1920’s knowing that they only way to a ‘Jewish State’ was to evict (ethnically cleanse) the majority Arab population, and that could only be done by force. Better trained, better equipped, better led, and for most of the time having a larger force in the field, the real question for the Haganah was not ‘Can we win?’, but, ‘how much land can we take before America gets worried and stops us?’

Had Britain i 1941/2 been overrun by the Nazi war machine, would we have fought back with whatever weapons came to hand? Does not every occupied people have the right to resist their persecutor?

50 years on from the ‘6 Day War’ it is beyond time for our leaders, including our Christian leaders, to stand up and speak out. Instead of taking God’s Name in vain, they must stop blaming the persecuted, and avoid insulting God by acting for justice, and speaking Truth to Power. If it costs ….

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