Well, do we?  We’ve heard a disciplined Israeli rebuttal alongside cries of outrage from many countries. The diplo-speak has, as always, been moderate and careful: “let’s wait & see what an enquiry shows”.  In an attempt at unity the UN Security Council adopted a low-key, ‘please investigate’ request to Israel, thus precluding the possibility of a credible, independent report.  Anything critical of Israel will be shunted into a siding once the dust has settled.  That’s realism, not cynicism. Israel can pretty much get away with anything whilst US is its closest ally.


has Israel overplayed its hand.  The influence of the ‘Evangelical Right’ in America is great but can it be sustained?  Sooner or later Americans are going to wake up to what Israel is costing them, and not just in dollars.  The scarier members of the ‘ER’ are praying, hoping and acting for the ‘End Times’. They’re actually keen on Armageddon/ Apocalyptic.  Writing from the vantage point of a non-academic but committed British Evangelical may I say – it ain’t gonna happen.  The end times scenarios painted in the ‘Left Behind’ fiction is just that; fiction.  You want to read ‘Revelation’ as pre-written history you have serious time-line problems quite apart from the symbolism.

Which means –  sooner rather than later Americans are going to catch on & want to know how actually support for Israels policies towards the Palestinians; which is what it amounts to; has helped US of A in its relations with the wider world.

If friendship requires that we speak truth to our friends: if Christian faith demands that we speak truth to power, then it’s time we started speaking, not to Israel, they’ve shown they won’t listen, but to America.  What might be the response of US if the rest of the world decided to boycott American firms with links to Israel?

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