The zionist lobby has silenced  Rev. Stephen Sizer,  I hope only for a brief time.  If he has been guilty of misjudgement it is likely because he has tried to do too much. It is sad how easily the Anglican hierarchy rolls over when confronted by zionist indignation. 
The Guildford  diocese quotes the Council  of Christians  & Jews,
“it is perfectly  possible to criticise Israeli policies without such criticism being anti-Semitic,  and Christians  & others should feel free to do so.  However,  such legitimate  criticism must not be used as a cloak for anti-Semitism,  nor can anti-Semitism itself ever be disguised  as  mere political  comment”.
Well that all sounds okay,  & I don’t disagree,  except it’s not how things work. Criticise Israel in UK  or USA & you’ll  quickly  learn that it isn’t possible to criticise Israeli policies without,  sooner rather than later,  being branded  anti-Semitic.
They are actually a bit more honest in Israel.  Criticise Israel there & you’ll end up in prison or be thrown out. 
Stephen has a reputation  among those who know him as a caring,  thoughtful, committed minister of the gospel. The church, my church, has thrown him to the ‘wolves’, it’s what religious  leaders do, protecting  themselves, Caiaphas did it to  Jesus. Those of us committed to truth & justice will continue the fight in the sure and certain hope that evil will be judged. Until justice is done read Stephens books, and his brief summary  of the biblical position against ‘christian zionism’. If you can’t get hold of the latter, mail me & I’ll send it to you. In the meantime greater injustices are being perpetrated daily on the Palestinians.

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