In 1940, anticipating a Nazi invasion, Britian’s Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, created a ‘secret army’ of 3,500 volunteers. Taught to kill silently, provided with arms and explosives, the intention was, following an invasion, for these volunteers to slip into hiding and wait for the Nazi occupying army to pass. They would then attack from the rear destroying munition dumps, railways, and anything else to hinder the occupying force. Would this have been ‘terrorism’? International law says, only if directed at civilians, occupoied peoples have a right to resist.

But, how do we define ‘civilian’ when the whole occupying population is militarised, when many have ’emigrated’ to join the occupying army? How do we understand the term ‘civilian’ when the person illegally occupying my land is a woman in jeans and tee-shirt with a Kalshnikov (or its equivalent) on her shoulder?

That is the contradiction that is modern Israel – nothing to do with the Israel we read of in our Bibles! Modern Israel objects to the term ‘occupation’, but what else can we call it?  Israel is today moving towards a ‘solution’; annexation. The problem here and the reason why Israel has so far avoided this step ought to be obvious to thinking people.   Annexation is illegal under international law – not that law has ever bothered Zionist Israel, so what prevents?   2.8 million Palestinians; quite apart from the prison camp that is Gaza, which would be left to rot after such an action.  Annexation would make evident the lie that ‘Israel is a democracy’, for giving those Palestinians a vote would undermine Israel’s determination that there must be a significant Jewish majority.

Zionism has led its followers into a blind alley. There can be no turning back; Israel cannot be dismantled without adding injustice to injustice. The future is uncertain since the blindness of Zionism has inflicted many Christians. Nor are there world leaders capable of healing the blindness. A Jewish state must come to be as unacceptable as a Caliphate (Islamic Sate/Daesh), or a ‘Christian’ country, (the idea is absurd).  So, if our leaders, especially our Christian leaders, are failing us, then Christian laity needs to start acting like followers of Jesus. And we don’t have time to spare.

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