In case any readers haven’t picked up from previous posts — our news media is sadly lacking, and at least some of the responsibility is down to us. Millions read ‘The Sun’ and watch Fox News presumably because they provide the kind of news they want to read/see/hear.  It is news as entertainment, news as a business proposition rather than as a moral imperative.

I fell into that trap in my last post, ‘….forgotten where it started…’ I could apologise, or just claim it was contextually correct.

Operation Protective Edge commenced on 8th July and we hope it’s finished. Operation Pillar of Defense began on 14th November 2012 and lasted eight days. Operation Cast Lead started on 27th December 2008 and ended on January 21st. Is it the way we’ve been taught history – memorizing dates? When is a fact not a fact, or, better, when is a fact a half truth?

News presenters seem to operate in that kind of ‘news cocoon’ where they deal with what is happening without inquiring too deeply into ‘why?’ Incidentally, on a personal note, asking ‘why?’ is what propelled me away from ‘passive zionism’ in the first place. For, in each of the three ‘operations’ noted above both sides had ‘previous’. These ‘wars’ didn’t happen in a vacuum. The dates are merely the points at which the international community, with its short attention span, sat up and took notice. And it is the point at which the PR machinery goes in to top gear. At which point I want to borrow a metaphor from Uri Avnery. For one side the PR machine is a top of the range Range Rover/Mercedes/Bentley.

For the other it is a 1950’s Ford Prefect. Description 1948 Ford Prefect E93A.jpg

It’s a week for dates. We have commemorated the beginning of ‘the war to end all wars’; if only. We should reflect that, historically, that war provided some of the decisions, promises, duplicity and lies that has brought us, one hundred years on, to the mess that is the Middle East.

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