Today 15,000 people gathered in London to protest at the suffering of the Palestinian people brought about by the Balfour declaration 100 years ago. I was proud to be present, alongside people of many faiths and none. Zionists tried to prevent us, but didn’t succeed, and one or two of the ‘Christian’ ones were seriously strange. If you hope for a peaceful world, here is a place to begin, for to bring peace to Palestine will bring peace for Jews everywhere. And to show that it can be done in this apparently most intransigent place should bring hope to others.

But it needs us, especially we who think of ourselves as followers of Jesus, to commit ourselves to work for justice, not relying on our politicians or even our ‘spiritual’ leaders. Someone once said, “if you want peace, prepare for war”. That is the counsel of despair. Better than spending our hard earned taxes on weapons of mass destruction, let us spend our money and our efforts on creating networks for peace, on supporting those who commit to non-violence, and pressing our politicians to make morally acceptable decisions. If we want peace, and we serve the Prince of peace, we must pray for it, and work for it; if necessary we should die for it, but we must never kill for it. Be Blessed.

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