Unsurprisingly, to those of us who try to keep an eye on what’s going on in the Middle East, there’s a propaganda ‘war’, and gullible western media is falling for it. The excerpt below is worth reading as a comment in itself, but please go to the article as well.

‘Larry Derfner, the American-turned-Israeli who is one of that country’s most experienced reporters, is hammering away at the truth on his Facebook page:

I’ve been arguing all day against Israel’s policy of continually bombing Syria, Lebanon and Iran, pointing out that they’re not bombing us, we’re bombing them, which means we’re not acting in self defense, we’re the aggressors. . . For [people with the opposing opinion] it doesn’t matter how many times Israel bombs the enemy and the enemy doesn’t bomb back — Israel is still bombing in self-defense and the other side is still the aggressor. Why? Because Israel is Israel and Iran/Syria/Lebanon is Iran/Syria/Lebanon. Israel is right because it is good and they are wrong because they are bad. . .’    from Mondoweiss  (read the article here)

Following Trump’s attempt to rip up the nuclear deal with Iran, Britian, Germany and France are hurrying to agree that agreement on missile development and regional interference is essential.  While I heartily agree I have to say, they, the ‘West’ have got their angle of view distorted.  In the modern era Iran has been attacked a number of times but, to the best of my knowledge, has never initiated an attack.  What they do ‘under the radar’ is as opaque as any, and there’s plenty of competition – from ‘the West’.

Think about the word ‘regional’ in regional interference.  In the Western triumvirate mentioned above Germany is nearest to Iran at roughly 2,000 miles and Washington DC, Trump’s patch, is around 6,000.  Iran, on the other hand has borders with Iraq and Turkey and is a bare 350 miles or so from Syria.  By any logic it is we, not Iran, who are interfering; (Derfner’s comment, above, is apposite, we do it from ‘good’ motives).

This is the ‘new imperialism’, although, as any historian will point out, it’s not really new at all, it has merely morphed.  America is the world’s policeman, self-appointed naturally, and the older imperial nations, Britain and France in particular, have become Trump’s acolytes.  If some among you wish to understand that term in its religious sense, feel free, you may not be far wrong.   The 3 M’s (Merkel, Macron, May) are struggling to keep up but unable to anticipate the direction of travel.  They are victims of their own propaganda: America is right, Israel is right, might is right – and Iran is wrong:  the kind of syllogism that seems to work for our politicians but would drive a decent teacher mad with frustration.

Increasingly, it seems, ordinary people are getting the message that we’re not being told the truth.  Our difficulty then is to work out what is true.  The phenomenon of ‘fake news’ is an easy weapon for politicians to use but it is inherently dangerous.  It all comes down to who we believe, not whether what is claimed is true.  T and the 3 M’s may not realise it but they are contributing to the destruction of the democracy they claim to hold dear.  If it becomes impossible to know who and what to believe then, for a time at least, the pen will cease to me mightier than the sword and our children may suffer a ‘dark age’ that we’d hoped we’d civilised away.

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