It seems to me that two things in particular motivate the political leaders of US and UK whatever their party allegiances. Short term self-interest is often disguised as ‘pragmatism’, doing what is right for the self-interest of ‘my country’. This despite that, in our interconnected global community, doing what is in my self-interest may be against the interest of others and not even in my longer term interest.

Pragmatism may seem fairly obvious; what about fear? Why is support for Israel so strong among the political leaders of the West, what is it that they are so afraid of? Few appear to have a strong faith attachment, Tony Blair famously ‘didn’t do religion’ although he seems to have ‘got it’ rather badly now. Some attend church, some even seem to have a passing acquaintance with the scriptures, but few, on available evidence, have grasped the full meaning of the Christian good news.

And maybe that is because what they have grasped, and what they worry might be , although they aren’t really sure, is that zionism or rather its Christian version, will turn out to be true. If God is going to condemn those who don’t help Israel best be on the ‘side of the angels’, after all what do they have to lose: fear+pragmatism.

So, here is a ‘head’s up’ for all those who try to hedge their bets by playing the ‘Israel is God’s people’ card. You’re on a loser. Not only is Christian Zionism mistaken it is diametrically opposed to God’s plan. There will indeed be judgement and Zionism in all its forms will be on the wrong side of the outcome. That is not speculation it is sound theology. And my purpose in writing this is precisely to plead with those who claim to love Israel and to care about the Jews to listen to the good news of the kingdom. Then, having listened, put it into practice.

Put simply? The identification of the Jews and modern Israel with ‘biblical Israel’ is inadequate biology, poor history and dreadful theology. And you will get that, not just from the Christian New Testament but from the Hebrew Bible.

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