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a website for Christians who want to learn more about Israel-Palestine and engage better for Peace in the Land of the Holy One.  Here you will find news, answers to questions (some of them), articles and opinions, information on tours, plus links to other useful websites. There’s also stuff you can download to read. On the ‘About’ page please read the brief article about bias, and there are also some Prayer ideas there.  Not to miss on the ‘Information’ page is lists of Christian Organisations and useful media links.

Next on this page you’ll find a couple of examples of recent posts from the blog page. Be Blessed.

The Art of Seduction

The Art of Seduction I know I shouldn’t have, but I succumbed. Don’t judge me, you’ve all done it too, or a version of it; been seduced like me. I’d gone to do a little shopping, my wife had given me a list, just a few things which, naturally, I augmented slightly,...

Fixing it

Wouldn't you know; you get home form 'Christ at the Checkpoint 2018' conference, hundreds of people are waiting for your blog, ( well, scores, maybe, or tens, OK just you) and the car has a flat tyre and needs fixing. So the blog will have to wait a few hours. But,...


Christ at the checkpoint 2018. The theme is 'Jesus Christ at the center' and the range and quality of speakers has been awe inspiring. It is the end of day three, two solid days of input, including a visit to Nabi Saleh, north of Ramallah, the home of Ahed Tamimi, the...

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