According to NPR (National Public Radio) a China Think tank is urging the leadership to abandon China’s ‘One Child’ policy.  The policy isn’t applied quite as rigidly as most westerners believe but, having had some, semi-direct, involvement, I’m aware of the effects.

What might be the effect in UK of IDS’s proposed plan to limit Child Benefit payments to the first two children?

A couple with one child become pregnant and, unexpectedly, the woman gives birth to twins.  They will be ‘penalised’ for the 2nd twin. Assume they knew twins were coming; they have a number of choices. Suffer the consequences, have an abortion, put one child up for adoption.  Assume they ‘suffer the consequences’, (the other options are too awful), because they have a good income; then assume the principal earner is made redundant and cannot get work at the same pay level.

Surely there have to be better ways of dealing with what are in fact a very few people who milk the system without penalising others who’ve done nothing wrong.  Suggestions to George, Ed or Vince.

And, btw, why do we assume that all those on benefits are ‘scrounging’?  Many want to work and there are not a few people out there living on what ought to be regarded as ‘unearned income’: (some bankers, some politicians, some nobility, some celebrities…..

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