Israel has a right to defend itself. Doesn’t Gaza have the same right?

Let’s do a bit of logical thinking:  when did rockets from Gaza first reach Tel Aviv?After the assassination of Ahmed Jabari. When did rockets first reach Jerusalem? After the killing of Ahmed Jabari.  When did a bus bomb explode in Jerusalem for the first time in six years? After the murder of Ahmed Jabari.

When did Gaza militants start firing longer range rockets? Was it after the  killing of a 12 year old boy or of 3 other civilians between 8th & 11th November?  No.

On 11th November, despite the provocations, Palestinian factions agreed a truce. Following two days of calm Israel assassinated Ahmed Jabari and precipitated the conflict.

Israelis may have much to fear but if they use their superior weaponry to keep on hurting largely powerless people it is little wonder that some of those ‘powerless’ people hate them.  The real wonder is that so few actually do.  And… see my previous post. People of faith should be praying for all, for peace, and for justice.      Be Blessed.

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