Many Evangelical Christians are pro-Zionist because they are pro-Israel.  Even some theologians have been persuaded by the power of the ‘Hollywood’ story,  it appeals to the imagination.  It’s the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ and the ‘Wild West’ all wrapped up with a gutsy anti-hero –  Popeye beating up the big bully.  But this isn’t ‘good news’, it is dreadfully bad news, not least for the church.  Much more though for the people cast in the role of villain.

Actually it is rather a strange story – the people getting dumped on are viewed as the trouble-makers, while the invaders are the ‘good guys’.  We get around this problem in two ways. First we re-write, history; and second, we plaster it over with a layer of bad theology.  Check out the history and it’s obvious that it’s the Palestinians who are being oppressed – for over 60 years.  Check out the theology and see how it squares with the gospel; with the way Jesus and the apostles treat the Hebrew Scriptures;  with the Hebrew prophets, whose word Jesus claimed to fulfil.  In fact there is nothing in the whole of the New Testament to support the Zionist project.

And a good many Jews know this; trouble is, they’re not being listened to.

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