… or not.  Israeli spokesmen and women use the 1 million Israelis who have to take shelter from Gaza rockets as a reason to wreak devastation on the 1.8 million people of Gaza, the most densely populated area on Earth. So we have nearly three million people fearing for their safety nearly two thirds of them already living in poverty and many of them nursing the wounds of previous Israeli action.

To describe what is happening as ‘assymetric’ is to make understatement hyperbolic.  We should not minimize the fear felt by Israelis in Southern Israel, nor should we inflate their value above that of Palestinians who have lived as refugees and displaced people, with restrictions of fuel, energy and water, for 40 years and more.

Is the present action a pre-election gambit by Netahyahu, or does it hide something more sinister; an attack on Iran maybe.  Over the two weeks previous to the assassination of Ahmed Jabari 19 people, including children, were killed in Gaza by Israeli bombing and missile attacks.  Arguing about who started what is futile; yesterday, two weeks ago, 1967, 1948, 1917:  all viable dates along with many others.  If you want to do something for peace join with Jewish Voice for Peace and sign their letter, HERE

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