As Israel tightens even further the squeeze on Gaza a mother shared her distress at the siege conditions, their ‘fear and terror’.

She is mother of two young children handicapped, not by their genes, but through malnutrition brought about by the illegal and immoral sanctions on the people of Gaza.  Simply, they do not get enough food.  Unable to work and with aid managed by corrupt agencies they are desparate, “my children are crying out of hunger and no one looks at us with compassion”.  That could be the story of many thousands.

This ought to be a moral outrage, but most of us will just ignore it — easy to do since our media only shows concern when the threat is to Israel; when it is from Israel, as it is most often, we dare not speak for fear of being ‘antisemitic’:  or is there some other evil at work.  Were the siege to be lifted today Gaza would still be unlivable – too many people in too small a space, most of them refugees from Palestine Proper.  And the traumas will not just go away, they will live in the souls of many for their lifetime.  This is not good, this is not Godly, this is evil incarnated

Tell me, what am I to say to this mother and her children?  As a Christian I can and will pray, but what can I say … what can I do?

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