James Rodgers in the NewStatesman asks, ‘Why is it getting harder to report on Israel-Palestine?’ I don’t think he answers his question, but I can make a suggestion; it is harder to report accurately because much of the reportage from the ‘main players’ is PR, It is intended to tell one side of the story. You can read Rodgers’ report HERE.

During this current week I have read closely the media in the UK, including BBC, and it focusses on Palestinian violence. So some data from the First Intifada may shed just a glimmer of light. During the first month, December 1987, Israeli Security forces killed 22 Palestinians, 5 of them minors. During the same period the Israeli civilian and security/military fatalities were 0 (zero). During the year 1988 six Israeli civilians, three of them minors, were killed by Palestinians together with 4 security forces personnel. During that same year Israeli civilians killed 15 Palestinians including 2 minors, and Israel’s security forces killed 289 Palestinians, 48 of them minors. Does that imbalance need spelling out? OK –  22:0; and 304:10, (figures courtesy of the Israeli Human Rights organisation B’Tselem).

The UN organisation OCHA reports for the period from May to August this year (2015) 14 Palestinians killed and  663 injured ‘in direct conflict’. In this context ‘conflict’ is stone-throwing youths, including girls, against young men and women trained in weapons use, armed with pistols, tear gas and machine guns and wearing bullet proof vests and helmets. Imbalance? Injustice!

We Christians need to get real and listen to our leader!

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