Only yesterday I received this. I’m posting it now in the hope that Christians in leadership in US and UK will see it. If you know someone(s) who is a church leader, please make them aware of this plea from sister and brother Christians.

You may find some of the phraseology strange; you may disagree with some of the sentiments. That’s OK: but, I urge you to listen to the authentic voice of our Middle Eastern Faith. Is the ‘story’ one-sided? Yes, but far less so than the one we usually hear. If you are familiar with my blog you will know that I check my sources. I’ve spent time both at the British Library and the National Archives, apart from the books I’ve bought. May I assure you that the actual story is far, far worse than anything you have heard in the mainsteam media. Please –  read with care, and, if you have questions, all you have to do is comment…

‘Open letter from the National Coalition of Christian Organisations in Palestine’ Open-letter-to-WCC-2017-final-NCCOP

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