[blog on genocide upcoming – still working on it]

This may be contentious, and I’m not entirely sure posting it.

There are increasing calls for a humanitarian ceasefire and, although neither Hamas nor Bibi seem to be taking any notice the greater pressure will be on Hamas. That’s because the default position of almost everyone in the western world is that anything is better than Hamas, the terrorists.

So, what happens if we get a ceasefire?  As I’ve written before, if it’s just about clearing the wreckage ready for round 17 what’s the point.  What we need is to get the parties round the table and negotiate. Let me point out two major problems here.

First “we don’t negotiate with terrorists”. which limits the options rather more than somewhat. It’s a bit like calling in the guy who deals with bats in the loft to deal with the rats in the cellar – because “I don’t like rats”.  Come on guys, some common sense please.

But second, ‘negotiate’:  what with?  what can the Palestinians give the zionists that they haven’t already got? answers please — and please don’t talk about ‘recognition’.  I’m no more keen on a ‘Jewish state’ as I am on a Christian one or an Islamic caliphate. Faith is personal, although not private, but religion and government must be kept separate. (Until Jesus comes)

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