In recent days there has been immense media coverage of the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli Jews. Less has been heard of the subsequent events, although there has been belated, although rather muted, coverage of the murder of a young Palestinian. It is heartening that one of the mothers of the murdered Israelis has reached out to the parents of the murdered Palestinian. But it is disheartening that the ‘back story’ is essentially written out of history by the way the conflict is portrayed.
We have been taught that the Arabs are the aggressors, and we have learned the lesson well; after all, they are the dark-skinned ones who cannot be trusted, whereas the Israelis are like us, democratic and civilised. Which anyone who has visited Palestine-Israel with open eyes knows is nonsense. Colour is no identifier. Names and clothes may help but the Palestinians range from brown to brown while Israelis can be anything from white to black. The language of the media plays its part for Israelis are ‘murdered’ whilst Palestinians are merely ‘killed’ or die.
But surely the Palestinians are terrorists aren’t they, especially the 1.7 million in Gaza?
Let me quote from a FB post ‘Hitting terrorist targets? In a tiny place with 1.7 million people, that has been under siege for 8 years, where medical supplies are in very short supply, where there are NO bomb shelters….no concrete allowed in under the siege, nowhere to run to, most water is already undrinkable, electricity supply is, at best, intermittent because of the siege, so sewage has had to be run into the sea, untreated….please tell me what people are supposed to do? Israel says it is doing what any country would do to protect its population, what are Palestinians supposed to do to protect theirs?’
The notion that Israel could cease to exist is as ridiculous as that it can be both democratic and a Jewish State. We have to recognise that Jews have no historical or theological right to the land of Palestine. Many will disagree and cry ‘anti-Semitism’, but these are simply facts. They can and should be tested but the primary responsibility is for the colonising and invading Zionists to prove their case. There is no credible evidence of a link between todays Jews and those of 1st Century Palestine, and the theology doesn’t hold up whether you are a Jewish Zionist or it’s supposedly Christian version. The Hebrew version is a denial of the prophets and the Christian a denial of the gospel.
Once we get rid of the messy theology and the invented history perhaps we can treat with each other as equal peoples who need to cooperate in order to survive in a complex world. There are people of peace on both sides, there are even people on both sides who can disagree substantially without wanting to kill each other. Why don’t we listen to them? Why don’t we put some money into their initiatives rather than rockets, planes and bombs? And our spy networks? They could spend their time usefully telling fantasy stories to children instead of to our political masters and the media.

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