I’m puzzled. We’ve heard a great deal about alleged incidents of antisemitism in the British Labour party, (as if it didn’t exist in the Tory party), and we have heard from Jewish MP’s about their experiences. It shouldn’t need to be said but I will anyway, hating people because they are different is stupid. No-one, whether MP or not, Jewish, Black, Muslim, Christian, Hindu should have to experience racist or other forms of abuse.

Over the months we have heard a great deal about the alleged offences; and that is what is puzzling. What are the police doing? As I understand it, antisemitism is a race hate crime. So, why aren’t the perpetrators being brought to justice? The allegations are repeated endlessly and the Labour Party is, supposedly, taking action. But that is not enough.

If these offences have been committed then it is incumbent upon the police to investigate and where there is evidence, prosecute. That they have not suggests to me that evidence is lacking, despite the acres of print and hours of ‘news’ from those making the allegations.  If that is the case then the urgent calls for people to be suspended should be disregarded until such time as real evidence is available.

Perhaps the reason for the acres and hours is the perceived need by Israel’s British supporters for a propaganda barrage to limit the damage of BDS. People, especially among the younger generation of Jews, are getting wise to what Zionism has produced. Some are questioning why what worked for South Africa – Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions – and what is applied to e.g. North Korea and Iran, is ‘inappropriate and unhelpful’ for Israel-Palestine. Thirty odd years of a one-sided ‘peace process’ hasn’t proved helpful for Palestinians.

Where there is evidence of antisemitism – whether in Labour or elsewhere – the correct route to follow is to notify the police of the offence. It should then be a case of “prosecute, or shut up”. And if advocating for peace with justice in Palestine is now a criminal offence in Britain then lock me up.

Contrary to what may be supposed, support for the Zionist state of Israel is not mandatory upon British legislators. Neither is it antisemitic to criticize Israel. Was it antisemitic to criticize Ed Miliband for supporting military intervention in Libya? So, let us have some common sense and let’s deal with the real racists, including those in Israel, America, Australia, France, Italy, Turkey …

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