Isn’t it odd how words mean different things according to context? I’ve been listening and reading about Saville’s activities.  Did the BBC in the 1960’s & 70’s have a culture of acceptance?  Of course it did; it expressed the general view of society;  incest was a laughing matter and sexual abuse didn’t happen!

In late 1960’s early 70’s as a young Child Care Officer (Social Worker) I had dealings with family where the older daughter alleged abuse by her father.  She reported it because her dad wanted her taken into care and she was worried that he’d start abusing her younger sister.  I discussed with a senior manger reporting it to the police. The response?  There’s no point, the girl wouldn’t be believed. I did have a chat with a friendly police sergeant whom I knew in another context and he confirmed my manager’s view.

By all means let’s learn from this situation but don’t think that the BBC was alone in ignoring abuse; it was institutional in Police, welfare services and communities. That is to say, it wasn’t just ‘their’ problem, it was ‘ours’.

Remember rape is still an under-reported crime, and, when reported, the number of convictions is miserly

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