… and neither is it ethnic cleansing. Think about it, seriously. Apartheid is an Afrikaans word meaning ‘separateness’. In Apartheid South Africa it meant keeping the races apart in terms of ‘normal’ human interaction, except for those situations where the blacks were useful, chopping wood, washing up, digging gold…    Apartheid is a kind of separate ‘togetherness’.

As for ethnic cleansing, that is about moving one ethnic group away from another. The ‘host’ effectively declares the unwanted race an interloper and tells it to get out.

Neither of these apply to Israel. Israel does not want Palestinians around as ‘hewers of wood and drawers of water’ and Israel doesn’t really want the Palestinians moved somewhere else as ‘refugees’, that, from their perspective, merely compounds the problem. Israel, driven as it is by Zionist ideology, needs the Palestinians to disappear, to cease to be, to never have been.

It’s simple. If there is a Palestinian – anywhere – it questions the validity of the ‘Jewish State of Israel’ (JSI). If there is a Palestinian history it questions the JSI story. Even were the Argentinians to provide a Palestinian State in their South it would prompt the questions, “Where are you from?”, “Why not there?”

And that too is why ‘genocide’ may be an inadequate word for what Zionism must strive for. Hitler discovered that simply moving people out of the way (further East) wasn’t enough, especially when that route was blocked. Zionism has discovered likewise that apartheid and ethnic cleansing don’t solve its ‘Palestinian Problem’. It is why its ‘christian Zionist’ supporters insist there is no such place as Palestine and no such person as a Palestinian.

That too is why Zionism must be seen for what, fundamentally, it is. If you steal someone’s land you are a thief; if you kill that person’s children you are a murderer; and if you do this – or support its doing – is the name of the Judeo-Christian God, you are a blasphemer and idolator.

So I’m searching for a word that truly describes the evil of Zionism – not, to be clear, ‘Zionists’, they are people. I believe them to be wrong, mistaken, tragically misled, capable of ‘messing up’, in fact, pretty normal. But their belief system is corrupt and corrupting, it will go to any length to attack and deny truth in support of its ideology and it will adopt and appropriate any other system, be it capitalism or socialism, to further its ends.


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