Israel’s PM. Netanyahu, has agreed to bring to cabinet an amendment to the Citizenship Law requiring a declaration of loyalty to Israel as a ‘Jewish and democratic’ state’.
Sounds reasonable doesn’t it; except being Jewish is not quite the same as being ‘British’ or ‘American’. What would it feel like for a Sikh in Birmingham to be required to declare loyalty to a ‘Christian’ state, or for a black American in New York to declare loyalty to a ‘Eurasian’ state?
Israel wants to be recognised as a ‘Western style’ democracy, the only one in the Middle East. That is far from being the case. More than one-third of the people over whom it has control cannot vote in Israel’s elections: they are in Gaza & the OPT. Even more to the point, the more than a million Arab-Israelis inside Israel, despite having Israeli citizenship are denied the same rights and benefits as the Jewish majority.

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