As promised, but very brief – time presses.
Israel is in effective control of the West Bank. Nominally, the Palestinian Authority is in control; in fact they have little real jurisdiction: if Israel decides to ‘lock off’ an area for security reasons, it does it. And, there are hundreds of checkpoints throughout the West Bank preventing Palestinians from living a normal life. So, who, in the Knesset, can a Palestinian in the West Bank vote for? No-one.
In Israel itself some fundamental services such as housing and education are provided through agencies.
Agencies such as the ‘Jewish National Fund’, of which successive British Prime Ministers have been patron, provide their services solely for the benefit of Jews. If most of the money for housing is filtered through such agencies isn’t that anti-democratic, even racist?
Many, including many Israeli Jews believe so. Why not check out i.e. ‘Jews for Justice for Palestine’, or ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’, or ‘Another Israel’, or ‘ICAHD’

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