‘What morally is the difference between killing millions of Jews in Nazi controlled Europe and burning a family to death in Judea-Samaria? Functionally, Nazi Germany controlled, promoted and executed the programme. In Zionist Israel the government refuses to control the Zionist settler extremists, promotes the destruction of Palestinians and allows the execution. The Nazi leaders and their minions were deemed culpable, why are not Israel’s leaders held to account?
Why are we still pursuing minor players in the Nazi programme whilst ignoring the major players in Israel’s crimes against humanity? The leaders of this highly technological, security conscious state claim they cannot control their extremists and that they try to catch the culprits. They fail, they’ve done their best, it’s not their fault.

Yet Israel, together with the US and Europe, hold Hamas and the people of Gaza and the West Bank to a higher standard. Despite Gaza having been reduced to lower than 3rd world standards by the siege and regular attacks from Israel’s military, Hamas is expected to control, not only its own extremist elements, but the non-Hamas Jihadis in Gaza. If they fail, and even when they succeed, the whole people of Gaza is punished. That is a war crime and a crime against humanity.

In the West Bank Palestinians are being killed at the rate of 2-3 per week, only rarely hitting the news. With the active cooperation of the Palestinian Authority Israel imprisons thousands of Palestinians, including children, usually without charge or trial. As the occupying force, Israel is responsible, it is a war crime.

Why is Zionism immune? Has Zionism taken such a hold of Western media, politicians and church leaders that Zionists can literally get away with murder? If anyone has an alternative conclusion I’d be interested to hear it defended.’

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