Once again Iran has offended the International Community by doing its own thing. As a signatory of the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty Iran has not kept its side of the bargain.  Well, fair play; if you freely enter into an agreement you ought to keep it, ( a comment which begs many questions).  Once again sanctions are to be implemented as a way of ‘encouraging’ compliance.

Of course the World has a great deal to fear from Iran developing nuclear weapons.  Conflict in the Middle East is sufficiently entrenched without one side possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction, (&, yes, I know; one already does – please stick to the point).   Which is – what basis does the International Community use to decide that sanctions will/will not work?  They are deemed to work regarding Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Cuba; but not for Israel.

Do I believe Iran’s protestations that nuclear development is only for peaceful, commercial purposes?  I’ll pass on that one.  Do I believe the International Community in its expressed concerns regarding nuclear proliferation?  I can’t help thinking of all those WMD’s we found in a field outside Baghdad, or was that merely a dream/nightmare.  What is to the point is that the International Community is, or  should be, held accountable; that’s what democracy is for.  Not the exercise every 4/5 years of one action but our regular committed engagement with elected representatives.  Armchair complaints may warm our local airspace, they won’t cool tension whether in the pub, the council chamber of the UN.

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