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We Didn’t Know …

... is what they said; is what they'll say - and I wonder 'Why?'  How come I, a mere pew-Christian know of the  crimes against the Palestinian people this Eastertide of 2018?    And Christian Leaders stay silent (with the noble exception of Christian Aid). Don't they...

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Be Brave

Here at Spring Harvest 2018, (Skegness), we have been studying the letter of James, on the theme: 'Only the Brave - Determined Discipleship' and we are being urged to be brave. We have heard examples of great bravery. Under pressure (from e.g. CUFI, BoD, etc.) can we...

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Trouble in Jerusalem

It is four days after that day, the day on which Jesus rose from the dead, and Jerusalem is still in foment. What happened, what did it mean, and what does it mean 2000 years later? If Jesus really is king, why does the church act as if he isn't? Answers?

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Is Jesus Christ Lord?

This Easter, as every Easter for many years, Christians around the world will greet each other with the affirmation, “Christ is Risen!”, with the response, “He is Risen Indeed!”, “Alleluia”. In this we proclaim Jesus as the Risen Lord. But is he? What do we mean when...

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A (better?) view on Syria

This from Jonathan Cook is worth sharing.  The singular narrative we are getting from mainstream media is not the only one. What gives 'The West' the right to assume the high moral ground when so many of the world's problems are a direct result of our interventions....

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Right to resist

In 1940, anticipating a Nazi invasion, Britian's Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, created a 'secret army' of 3,500 volunteers. Taught to kill silently, provided with arms and explosives, the intention was, following an invasion, for these volunteers to slip into...

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Challenging God?

In response to a recent post on Facebook a respondent had this to say;   'All of u who raises against Istael U are fighting with GOD'S real hand and will be put shame by God Himself. BE CAREFUL IN ALL YOUR MOVED'.   This was in response to a post concerning Israel's...

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