Recovering Evangelicalism - for Justice and Peace for Palestine-Israel

Fifty-First State

I'm just wondering whether we've already applied to be the 51st state, or do we have to wait till after 'Brexit'?  If they're quick Eire could become 52nd and that would solve the 'hard border' problem (not!). We are, naturally, closer to the Americans than we are to...

Life in Gaza

As Israel tightens even further the squeeze on Gaza a mother shared her distress at the siege conditions, their 'fear and terror'. She is mother of two young children handicapped, not by their genes, but through malnutrition brought about by the illegal and immoral...

The Art of Seduction

The Art of Seduction I know I shouldn’t have, but I succumbed. Don’t judge me, you’ve all done it too, or a version of it; been seduced like me. I’d gone to do a little shopping, my wife had given me a list, just a few things which, naturally, I augmented slightly,...

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