Recovering Evangelicalism - for Justice and Peace for Palestine-Israel


Mr Trump cut aid to UNRWA that provides services to Palestinians. On 4th September CUFI FB page posted this Either the writer has wilfully misunderstood the history or is ignorant of it, so lets have a corrective, starting with UNRWA itself. It is a separate agency...

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Or re-imagine. Can we Christians, followers of the rabbi from Nazareth, re-imagine God's world as Jesus would want. Imperialist America has determined that everyone must impose sanctions on Iran despite the fact that no-one else except Israel agrees with Trump, Pence,...

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God’s Chosen?

For more than ten years the people of Gaza have lived under siege, in an open-air prison. Today nearly 2 million people, 30% of them children live with limited access to clean water, sewage treatment out of the middle ages, power restrictions, food restrictions,...

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Fifty-First State

I'm just wondering whether we've already applied to be the 51st state, or do we have to wait till after 'Brexit'?  If they're quick Eire could become 52nd and that would solve the 'hard border' problem (not!). We are, naturally, closer to the Americans than we are to...

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