Hitler, in conversation with Hermann Rauschning during 1932-4 (quoted in The History of an Obsession. Klaus.P. Fischer. Constable, 1988):

‘… Behind England, behind France, behind the USA squats Israel. Even when we have succeeded in expelling the Jew from Germany, he still remains our world enemy.

When Rauschning asked whether this meant that the Jew should be eliminated completely, Hitler’s sinister reply was: “No, we would then have to invent him. One needs a visible enemy….’ (p206).

Under Himmler’s SD, a branch of the SS, in 1935 Adolf Eichmann was given the ‘Zionist desk… its aim was to explore, by every possible means, the rapid emigration of German Jews, preferably to Palestine’. (p222),

So, Ken Livingstone was, in fact, correct. The Zionist propaganda machine is digging as deep as it can, funded by Israel’s NIS 1Trn, to find any smear it can against Labour. For once, the leadership of that party is in tune with the public who have become increasingly aware of the criminal acts of Israel’s governments. They are determined we will have a Conservative government that is in the pocket of big business and the substantially zionist media. They are afraid of being exposed and held to account. It is too late. Sadly, many innocent Jews will suffer by association: that is why the Conservative party is the truly antiSemitic one.

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