What will you be watching – at the paralympics?
Many of the competitors have overcome remarkable problems but they want to be recognised as athletes. It won’t prevent some of them being hero’s.
We like hero’s, as long as they’re the right sort. We don’t mind being challenged about our weight or fitness – well we do but in a nice kind of way.
An Israeli court decided this week that Rachel Corrie got herself killed. She shouldn’t have been where she was, and getting in the way of an armoured bulldozer, made for the IDF by ‘Caterpillar’, was her own fault. That she was wearing a high visability vest and that protesters were known to be there didn’t count with the judge. The ‘dozer driver and the Israel Army are guilt-free.
‘She shouldn’t have been there’. She was there to protect others; the weak and helpless against the power of the occupying army. They, the occupiers, were there contrary to international law. Oh, Israel disagrees; but Israel is the only country that disagrees. Only four years after Rachel’s death Israel withdrew from Gaza, although not from its oppression of Gaza.
What kind of hero/ heroine are you? Will you lay down your life for a friend, even one you’ve never met?

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