Not posted for a while – but my promise only to post when something to say – so:

Here we go again. Last time it was WMD in Iraq; now there is evidence of Chemical weapons being readied for use in Syria. No-one disputes Syria has such weapons, Assad has almost admitted as much. The real question is, “will Assad use them?”  Actually, that’s not the real question, the real question is “does the West have a clue what’s going on?”

I’m guessing that what’s really worrying Obama & Cameron/Hague is the success of the ‘wrong rebels’.  It was OK as long as the Free Syria movement was pro-democracy, pro-West, (and not so anti-Israel as the Assad regime); but the presence of anti-West Jihadis means chemical weapons could fall into ‘the wrong hands’  (Question for those philosophers among you: “whose are the ‘right’ hands for these weapons?”).  They could be used by terrorist. Raises another PhD question, when are chemical weapons not terrifying

There is a section of Syrian society that has been pointing out since the fighting in Syria began that it was different from other parts of the ‘Arab Spring’. It was violent almost from the start and very quickly involved non-Syrian Islamist extremists.  So what do Hague/Cameron/Obama do? The knee-jerk reaction is to support the uprising because ‘my enemies enemy is my friend’: if only the world were that simple. Assad supports Hezbollah and is anti-Israel so he must be wrong so we support the uprising against him.  No nuance, no subtelty, no caution; no consideration that Assad may have reasons for his stance, (a very large Palestinian refugee population, loss of Golan Heights, etc.)

‘There will be no invasion’; well, thank God for that: only air strikes, that’s a comfort – unless…..  Does anyone know what the effect of bombs and missiles on sarin will be.   One result without doubt will be more extremists who hate the West.  Repeating History!

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