Something strange happened in Britain over the last five weeks; the good news crowded out the bad, well mostly.  We’ve rejoiced with our heroes, honoured the heroes of other nations and enjoyed the experience of – being nice.  All the elements, even the weather, combined to make it a great time. The athletes, the officials, the trainers, families, spectators, Boris (well, why not). And, of course, the ‘Games Makers’.

The bad news didn’t go away, it just took a back seat for a time and it’s already moved back to the front with talk of strikes, concerns about our children’s futures, the world economy.

For a brief, exciting time 80,000+ ordinary men and women as ‘Games Makers’ became ‘Change Makers’. If you are reading this as a Christian you’re called to be a change maker 24/7. Are we prepared to “Be the change we want to see”; to live the Kingdom as Jesus taught.

Be Very Blessed

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