For more than ten years the people of Gaza have lived under siege, in an open-air prison. Today nearly 2 million people, 30% of them children live with limited access to clean water, sewage treatment out of the middle ages, power restrictions, food restrictions, limited access to medical treatment, and few resources for employment. Nothing goes in without Israel’s say so, and nothing comes out unless Israel says “OK”.

If you believe that the book of Joshua applies you’d better read the book again, and note everything commanded. Context is key.  Then check out the history and be sure that this people is that people.  The majority Israeli Jews (European Ashkenazi) have only the remotest link with historic Israel.

Then ask yourself, “How, within the New Covenant in Jesus, ought God’s renewed people, (Jeremiah 24, 31,32; Ezekiel 14, 37;  Zechariah 8; Matt 5; Lk 6) to behave?”

Like this?   Essential Services in Gaza on Verge of Collapsing   

And if you think that Hamas is to blame, remember; collective punishment is against international law, it is also immoral, and blaming Hamas alone is insane.

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