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Many people, including Christians, would like to feel there’s something they can do, but aren’t sure how or what. For Christians, the most important thing we can do is to pray, but praying intelligently around such a complex subject often feels impossible. Even the best informed struggle.

[This set of pages offers an opportunity for anyone to get involved as part of a community for change. If you sign up as member you can become part of the conversation.  This is very much a work in progress, finding out if we can bring people together, helping us learn by sharing what we think we know with others. Register here and join the conversation.][In Development!]

If you are a person who prays …  Below you will find a simple prayer we can all pray and, from time to time, we’ll offer links to other prayer resources. You can also sign up for a (very) occasional newsletter and to my blog. Those interested in visiting the land of the Holy One may follow the link at the bottom to the ‘Tours‘ page.


A Prayer

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