Been away – & thought i’d have time to catch up…

So, Israel did what Israel threatened: but why didn’t they at least wait till the boats were in Gaza waters, (the 12 mile offshore zone allowed by the UN, but rejected by Israel)? Israel’s leaders seem to be bent on pursuing a suicidal course.

What of the great ‘white’ hope, (yes, I know; but think of it as an ironic euphemism – or euphemistic irony, whatever..) Barack Obama?  I wonder if he is regretting his most recent all out support for Israel in the discussions regarding the NNPT.  Has Obama made the same mistake Nasser did in 1967, making public comment for domestic consumption without taking account of the Zionist nature of all Israel governments.

Every action Israel’s governments have taken since ‘independence’ have (intentionally) had the effect of enabling Israel to make increasing inroads into the land Zionism regards as theirs by ‘divine’ right. (I’ve put ‘divine’ in commas ‘cos many Zionists are secular. They nevertheless believe they have a right to possess the land that trumps all other rights).

By stating virtually unconditional support for Israel, including specifically its right to nuclear weapons, America is painting itself into a corner.  What happens if/when Israel launches a nuclear strike against Iran (or Syria)?  Condemnation by words but without action will sound like Chamberlains appeasement of Hitler.  That is the route the international community has chosen throughout in its dealings with Israel.  The citizens of Gaza exercise their democratic right, in full view of international observers, and elect Hamas.  They are then subjected to an abhorrent & inhumane blockade and military incursion plus full scale invasion. Israel consistently ignores international law & the Conventions and Charters it has signed and gets away…..

I was going to write ‘scot free’, but Israel is actually rewarded:  more money from US, the only country receiving militaryt aid that doesn’t have to account for it, special trading status with Europe, not to mention the millions sent by individuals & companies in US (& Europe) to buy land, build settlements, support armed settlers etc.

Israel claims their forces were attacked.  When someone abseils onto my boat from a helicopter in the middle of the night, who is doing the attacking?  They claim provocation: have not the people of the West Bank and Gaza been provoked beyond reason?  Israel claims it has offered to transport the humanitarian aid to Gaza through ‘the usual channels’.  If the usual channels had allowed in the aid that has been sent, not least by the EU, this situation might not have been needed.  Gaza fishermen are regularly attacked, even within their own 3 mile limit, their boats confiscated. The waters they fish are polluted because they don’t have the means to maintain the sewage plants. And what are these items that so threaten the Israeli State?  coloured crayons and colouring books are included along with cement and steel!

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