Wouldn’t you know; you get home form ‘Christ at the Checkpoint 2018’ conference, hundreds of people are waiting for your blog, ( well, scores, maybe, or tens, OK just you) and the car has a flat tyre and needs fixing. So the blog will have to wait a few hours. But, before I get off to the garage, — it reminded me of a scene I witnesses just days ago in Bethlehem, the place of incarnation.

I was walking back along Hebron Road Friday late afternoon, and a car went past  with a flat tyre, seriously flat. Not travelling at speed, you can’t late Friday in Bethlehem; but it wouldn’t be too long before what was left of the tyre would split and it would be metal rim on the road. It needed fixing, but the car itself: the only thing distinguishing it from ones I’ve seen here in scrapyards was this one was moving along a road!

It’s an allegory: that car wasn’t the only messed up vehicle on that road, just maybe, the worst. And there were some really smart expensive cars too, probably with messed up drivers and passengers. BUT, the ‘fix is in’. Even there in the place of incarnation, separated by a mile or three of road — Oh, and a 24 foot high wall  — from the place of redemption, there is surprising hope. So, let’s get off and fix my tyre and, hopefully, I’ll be able to get back on my blog.   Blessings and Peace

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