I’m just wondering whether we’ve already applied to be the 51st state, or do we have to wait till after ‘Brexit’?  If they’re quick Eire could become 52nd and that would solve the ‘hard border’ problem (not!).

We are, naturally, closer to the Americans than we are to the Europeans. That must be so despite America being 3/4  full of European migrants, UK being completely full of migrants and Europe being a mixed, migrant population. The US constitution is based more on French than British, and their current president is a self-obsessed ego-maniac, which must be good reasons to want to join up.  Mr. Trump is even further down the political logic chain than was Mrs. Thatcher, who believed a country should be run the same way as a local grocers shop – (we’re not talking Tesco).  Mr. Trump thinks similarly that the US and the world can be run like a hotel or a golf club, it’s all about the bottom line, and the bottom line is all about selling.  It doesn’t matter if the product is rubbish as long as people keep on buying.

What Thatcher and Trump have in commonis a narrow, business-model nationalism.  In our increasingly global world, ‘America First’ means everyone else to the back. Mr. Trump and Mrs. May talk cooperation but he certainly doesn’t believe in it.  The US public have been sold a second bite at the ‘American dream’, just as our UK ‘brexiteers’ are re-dreaming Britain’s imperial past.  Neither is achievable, and, given the state of the environment, neither is desirable.  If Mrs. T. had been consistent, living within our means would have meant taxing the wealthy to encourage them to live gently on our planet.

Becoming 51st State would at least solve one problem; what to do with parliament.   Since Mr. Trump clearly wants to create an oligarchy our MP’s would become redundant, and the money saved could be used for the NHS, although I seem to remember a similar promise… .  It would also mean that, for a while at least, we’d be back in front – well, alongside the other 50 ‘America First’ states.

We’d have to re-think when Brazil, India and China catch up, but I’m sure cutting loose from America would be a lot easier than leaving the EU.  Empires are always ready to help their colonies achieve independence.  Then we could re-apply to the EU for admission on the same favourable terms we presently enjoy.  No doubt a descendent of de Gaulle would welcome us with open … (fill in what you think ).

Have a Blessed day – it’s not going to happen (51st state), I hope…

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