No, not me; but I do wonder about some of our politicians. Just to be clear; when I use the word ‘our’ I don’t just mean those I get to elect, (or not!).  Since we found ourselves in a global village it makes sense to think of they ‘key players’ as ‘our politicians’, so I include i.e.  Merkel,  Obama and Netanyahu, each of whom has the power to mess up my world.  And they do.

What can we do?  the ‘Web’ has put power in the hands of ordinary people.  We don’t have the money the big lobbyists do but that doesn’t mean we let them off the hook.  In democracy the elected are there because we put them there, so, hold them to account; bother them – in the nicest possible way – and make sure they understand that we are not going away. check out e.g. ‘Avaaz’,  ‘Care2Causes’, ‘Sojourners’, ‘Christian Aid’, ‘Palestine Solidarity Campaign’; sign up and let your representatives know that you’re on their case:  peaceably.

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