Mr Trump cut aid to UNRWA that provides services to Palestinians. On 4th September CUFI FB page posted this

Either the writer has wilfully misunderstood the history or is ignorant of it, so lets have a corrective, starting with UNRWA itself. It is a separate agency from UNHRC because Israel refused to recognise the refugee situation they had created.  If there are ‘no refugees’ there can be no UNHCR, but those people displaced needed aid and so, reluctantly, Israel acceded to the setting up of a special agency UNWRA.  The claim that it is corrupt and perpetuates terrorism is easily made, it is much less easy to justify.

Next Netanyahu’s comment, ‘They created a unique institution, 70 years ago, not to absorb the refugees but to perpetuate them’.  If he did say this, he is admitting that they were refugees 70 years ago.  It is not UNRWA or the UN that perpetuates the problem but Israel’s continued refusal to carry out international law by not allowing refugees to return.

What is also interesting about the CUFI piece is its use of MK Einat Wilf’s tweet where she writes that 2.1 million live in the West Bank and Gaza, “so, IN Palestine”. This is revealing because CUFI doesn’t believe Palestne exists, so where are these people actually, in some kind of eschatalogical time-warp?  What matters, surely, is not where they live now but from where they were exiled. Finally to the last para; ‘the endless flow of Palestinian grievances …’  Yes it must be annoying to be reminded of uprooted olive trees, of poisoned water wells, of homes destroyed, of women dying in childbirth, of people denied cancer treatment, of children and the elderly killed – simply for being Palestinian and in the way. And all in the name of ‘God’?  NOT the God I worship and serve.

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