What the Bible says

This is an attempt  (and please read ‘About Bias …) at rebalancing the usual public narrative.  It is necessary to question and challenge some of the theologies that have led to almost unquestioning belief that the ‘Israel of God’ is Israel the modern state, more specifically, its Jewish citizens.

Many books have been written and in the ‘Recommended Reading’ you will find some that deal with the theology. The articles included here are a drop in the ocean of what could be written. Some deal specifically with the theology related to ‘Christian Zionism’, others deal with more general topics which also touch on the matter.  Here are links to Biblical and theological resources. Some are articles in the public domain, some are our own and some are used with the author’s consent.  If you wish to re-use these materials please request permission first. You can do this using the Contact form. Clicking on a link will either download the item as a .pdf file or open a weblink. To download Adobe Reader for pdf files click Here

The page is in process of constant development and updating, so, if there is something missing you’d like to hear about, please use the contact form and we’ll see if we can point you in the right direction.

For those of us who claim to be followers of Jesus it is vital we never lose sight of the crux of God’s story. It is my prayer that as you read, whatever you read, you do so through the lens of the Cross and the resurrected Messiah.

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