Here at Spring Harvest 2018, (Skegness), we have been studying the letter of James, on the theme: ‘Only the Brave – Determined Discipleship’ and we are being urged to be brave. We have heard examples of great bravery. Under pressure (from e.g. CUFI, BoD, etc.) can we evangelicals, can Spring Harvest, Essential Christian, Evangelical Alliance have the courage to front up?

Among the groups of persecuted Christians one is rarely mentioned, and when it is a major element of the persecution is omitted. Worse, by our silence we endorse the oppression. Why, when a significant percentage of Palestinians are Christian do we support their oppression by Zionist Israel?

So, Spring Harvest, I love you dearly, I endorse your theology, I hear what you say and this week in 2018, you are urging me to ‘be Brave’. What about you? Is there a leader, a platform speaker who will make clear in public what some of you have said privately? Who among you/us will call out Zionism for what it is; racist, exceptionalist, colonialist, and fundamentally theologically wrong.

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