hearing through a translator stories of Palestinians who’ve been in Israeli Jails is a powerful and draining experience. Prisoner of War, Combatant, criminal: whatever the description there’s some kind of judicial process governed ultimately by international law and convention, especially where children are concerned. The UN Convention on nthe Rights of the Child is where we look, so why does Israel lock up 700-1000 children each year often without charge, without parental access and in degrading conditions (References coming up when I get back home). And what was really hard to listen to was the young woman arrested when pregnant and sentenced by a military court to 20 years – for being in the wrong place? That’s a threat to security? Israel claims it’s not in an armed conflict so the Geneva Conventions don’t apply. So why wasn’t she tried in a civilian court with open access to legal help and with visits from her family? Don’t ask me, ask Israel.

More from the Baghdad conference when I’ve slept

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