The recent outcry against Labour for not fully endorsing the IHRA definition of antisemitism demands comment.

The protesters have a legal opinion ‘prepared by law lecturer Tom Frost and confirmed by Doughty Street QC Jonathan Cooper’ (Guardian 16th) that ‘ Labour has ignored the so-called Macpherson principle – that a racist incident is one perceived to be racist by the victim’.  As pointed out by others Macpherson was considerably more nuanced than that simple statement. see i.e. Antony Lerman 

The Guardian follows up with this:  ‘The Macpherson principle, which has been widely adopted since the murder of Stephen Lawrence as part of the inquiry into racism in the police, says: “The definition [of a racist incident] should be: A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person”. Once the fact of the incident have been established, the burden of proof is then on the accuser to provide an alternative explanation.’  This is almost as muddled as the IHRA ‘definition’ itself.  (I put ‘definition’ in quotes because the IHRA ‘definition’ doesn’t actually define anything, it can only be applied using the examples it provides).

The final sentence is simply wrong.  The legislation (‘cos that’s how things work in a democracy?) is the Equality Act 2010, the relevant sections of which are 9, 13,19, 26, 27 and 136.   Section 26 shows that ‘Perception’ [4(a)] of the individual making the allegation is one element alongside two others; the circumstances of the case and reasonableness.  What the ‘Macpherson principle’ expects (in the context of institutional racism in the police …) is that the Police must take seriously any allegation and investigate it according to principles of equality.

I repeat what I’ve written before, including with reference to CAA, with all these allegations of antisemitism being thrown around why are so few being prosecuted (I think only 1 or 2)?  In truth these allegations and the campaign against Labour are the desperate attempts of pro-Zionists to prevent a Labour government with Corbyn as leader. Some Labour MP’s are so committed that they seem prepared even to destroy the Labour Party in UK rather than allow Jeremy Corbyn to become PM.  Shame on them.  They have lost the moral arguments and are fighting using untruths.

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