I’m not really much of a blogger, it takes up too much time when I should be doing something. So, what, following the Israeli attack on the aid flotilla should I do?  That’s not academic, I really want to know.

I’m a Christian, so I’ll pray, but I’ve been doing quite a lot of that anyway.  It presents me with a problem; it often seems that when we pray for a solution God’s response is along the lines of,  “Yup, I agree we need a solution; why not let it be You”   and I scream, “that’s not what I meant”, & She replies, “I know, but that’s the way”.  So what will I be doing?

I’ll be following the UN discussion & our own (UK) reps part in it. I’ll be writing to my (new) MP & arranging a meeting.  I’m not going to be attending rallies outside the Israeli embassy in London. I did that once & some of the stuff that was being shouted wasn’t helpful – altho’ no-one was listening.  BDS?

We must find ways to move the evident sympathy of many people into action & challenge the evident apathy of our governments.  William Hague must be made accountable for his words today. Baroness Ashton must be prevailed upon to take action instead of just demanding a further inquiry which will be ‘smoothed’ by the Israeli PR machine.  AND, we must persuade our respective governments to listen to the voices of peace within the Israeli & Palestinian communities. That will give them greater credibility and greater influence.

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